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These ateliers to reconnect yourself to your higher self are always run around a specific theme that you will discover on the day. Sometimes according to your requests, I can plan the activities to fulfil your needs (when asked when you book your day). For example, it can be about the communication within your couple or working through a trauma you have experienced with someone close to you…This workshop is fun, intense, creative, full of colours and emotions. It will give you the chance to realign yourself, to feel more grounded. You will be able to experience and discover a large variety of techniques in order to express yourself freely. These activities will permit you to truly reconnect yourself to your subconscious and your consciousness. The purpose is to give you time and space to discover, explore and relate to your true self and hidden part. There is always a “before” and an “after”. 


PROGRAM OF THE DAY ( 9.30 to 16.30)

  • Guided meditation & crystal healing

  • Art ateliers (various activities)

  • Lunch ( to bring, light ;-) 

  • Hypnosis 

  • Art atelier

  • Sharing 


You may choose a day during the week as well 

to come with the person/persons of your choice (according to my schedule).

22 or 23 January,
19 or20 February
19 or 20 March
16 or 17 April
14 or 15 May
25 or 26  June.


130€/all day including all the material


The number of participants is limited to 4 persons to promote creation in a smaller group 

 (2 persons minimum) 

Sandrine Limbourg
Tel: +.32.477.211.063

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