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Hypnose Hypnosis Art thérapie arttherapy

Hypnosis, Art-Therapy 


Hypnosis & art-therapy,
inner journeys across time and space, for rapid improvement in your life.

Hypnose pour enfants et adultes
Art thérapie est un etat modifié de concience qui permet de travaillerbeaucoup de sujets en respectant le rythme du patient

Hypnosis is a natural state in which attention to the outside world is diminished to allow the unconscious to be more present and to use new resources to set up new sensory, cognitive and behavioral patterns.
Art therapy allows the individual to lead him to a positive transformation of himself.
By changing an unconscious problem into an artistic production, the individual manages to overcome his personal difficulties.

Hypnose de régression permet un retour à la cause, de cicatriser la blessure et de continuer sur de nouvelles bases

Therapeutic hypnosis uses visualisation and direct suggestions to get the client to change their behavioral and emotional patterns. Humanistic hypnosis is, contrary to what is often thought, a method where the client remains active and present throughout the session. It is based on the use of hypnotic techniques that bridge the natural gap between the conscious and the unconscious. Hypnosis being a brief therapy, the number of sessions will depend on the problem addressed. 

I basically use cause-based regression hypnotherapy. This type of therapy makes it possible to return to the origin, or origins, of the problem encountered by the client. This approach can be a regression either in the past, or in a past life, or even in the life between lives.

Each session of hypnosis & art-therapy allows:

  • A deep understanding of self

  • To find well-being

  • To restore an inner balance

  • Positive thinking and self-confidence

  • Take back control of your life

  • Find and implement solutions

  • Activate transformations

Hypnose ArtTherapie permettent de cicatriser d'anciennes blessures et de repartir sur de nouveaux départs


  • Anger

  • Fears

  • Sadness

  • Anxiety

  • Grief

  • Wounds

  • Blocages

  • Traumas


  • Addiction

  • Sleep

  • Food

  • Pain


  • Relationship issues

  • Self confidence

  • Letting go

  • Decision making

  • Repetitive situations

  • Acceptance of events (mourning, divorce, accident, etc.)

  • Complete tasks

  • Phobia

  • Stress


  • Life mission

  • Inconditionnel love

  • Life between life

  • Past lives

  • Deep questioning

Hypnosis and art-therapy
leads to a hypnotic state, 

an altered state of consciousness (EMC):

During your session you will deal with the origin of your difficulty directly. In reaching the hypocentre of this difficulty you will then be able to recreate an equilibrium, restore a state of greater wellbeing, regain confidence in yourself, integrate harmony into the most profound part of your being and take back control of your life.
Thanks to a much wider perception of yourself, it becomes possible for you to find solutions and put them in place, leads to transformations. You are the one who will intervene during therapy. I, as the hypnotherapist, am here as a guide and teacher. The feelings during this type of experience and for a long time to come will bring lasting serenity, an impression of peace and a profound understanding of self.


circular healing energy est un lieu où l'hypnose et l'art thérapie permettent de cicatriser des blessures afin de repartir sur de nouvelles bases

Integrative hypnosis, Humanist hypnosis, Regression, Life between lives, hypnosis for children,

Self hypnosis, Spirit Release, Art-Therapy. 


 Circular Healing Energy    Sandrine Limbourg

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