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Every one of us has already had some form of hypnotic experience or even of self-hypnosis. We live through hypnotic experiences or modified states of consciousness every day without even realising it. Anyone who reads a novel and becomes completely engrossed in the narrative, or who is totally absorbed by a film is living a hypnotic moment.


Every hypnotic state is a modified state of consciousness (MSC) which varies according to the person experiencing it and which enables the treatment of a great number of conditions, such as, amongst others, psychological blocks, panic attacks, phobias and addictions, through release, relaxation, management of stress and emotions, mood swings eating and sleeping disorders.


Therapeutic hypnosis uses visualisation and direct suggestion to achieve a modification of behavioural patterns by the client. Hypnosis is, contrary to popular belief, a method whereby the subject remains active and conscious throughout the entire session. Hypnosis being a relatively short term therapy, the number of sessions will depend on the problems of the particular client. One session could suffice for certain people. The average is between 5 and 10 sessions. Change occurs relatively quickly because this therapy works directly on the subconscious. The Humanist Hypnosis approach has effectively the specific characteristic of directly addressing the "Great Consciousness ". There is no longer the dissociation « conscious /unconscious ». Here one experiences a state of unity, remaining in a state of continual alertness.


I essentially use the hypnotherapy of regression back to the cause. This type of therapy permits us to go back to the origin or origins of the problem encountered by the client. This approach can be a regression either into the past, or into a previous life, or even into the life between lives.


During your session you will deal with the origin of your difficulty directly. In reaching the hypocentre of this difficulty you will then be able to recreate an equilibrium, restore a state of greater wellbeing, regain confidence in yourself, integrate harmony into the most profound part of your being and take back control of your life. Thanks to a much wider perception of yourself, it becomes possible for you to find solutions and put them in place, leads to transformations. You are the one who will intervene during therapy. I, as the hypnotherapist, am here as a guide and teacher. The feelings during this type of experience and for a long time to come will bring lasting serenity, an impression of peace and a profound understanding of self.



Integrative hypnosis,Humanist hypnosis, Eriksonian hypnosis, hypnosis of liberation of the spirit, regression hypnosis, life between lives, hypnosis for children, self hypnosis, (bilateral ocular movements related to EMDR).


Sandrine Limbourg
Tel: +.32.477.211.063

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